What result did you get from engaging Manifold Solicitors?

From engaging Manifold Solicitors I got a result that means that I can get on with the rest of my life with access and financial arrangements that are workable and fair. I was very happy and relieved with the result. From the outset Brid expressed an understanding of my circumstances and at all times referred to looking for a fair outcome putting the welfare of the children first at all times. She managed my expectations well wrt the possible outcomes.


What specific aspect of the service did you appreciate?

I appreciated the respectful manner in which Brid deals with all interactions and I appreciated that Brid pointed out to me that certain behaviour that I had become accustomed to from my ex-husband was unacceptable. It gave me the strength to see things from a different perspective and to expect better behaviour.


Would you recommend Manifold Solicitors and Why?

I highly recommend engaging Manifold Solicitors if you are interested in a fair outcome to proceedings and if you want a representative that is straightforward, very thorough with financial disclosure and is careful to choose the right strategy for your particular situation. She is very keen to keep the process moving along and will take the necessary actions to get to a conclusion. Her experience in family law matters is very evident throughout the process.


Anything else you would like to add?

Brid is very astute and thorough when it comes to financial matters and insists on full financial disclosure. She is very keen to come to an early settlement if at all possible in order to minimise costs. It is an expensive process when it goes as far as the court but Brid is very clear about costs throughout the process and suggested for me to do as much of the administrative type work as possible to minimise fees. Also, I was very happy with the barrister that Brid chose to work with her on my case.


In your own words…

Excellent work carried out by Brid for me during my divorce


What result did you get from engaging Manifold Solicitors?

Brid was my solicitor during my divorce and her work was top class


What specific aspect of the service did you appreciate?

The timeliness of her work; her dedication and professionalism and also I really appreciated she asked me for my opinion on replies she was sending to the other party.


Would you recommend Manifold Solicitors and Why?

Yes, for reasons outlined above. An excellent solicitor.


Anything else you would like to add?

Very approachable and professional.

Noel Shannon

In your own words…

Professional, proficient and prompt service in the delivery, processing and negotiating of multiple issues to achieve a satisfactory family, financial and legal resolution.


Are you satisfied with the service you are receiving – what specific aspect of the service do you appreciate?

Yes, I am satisfied. Solicitor understands the intricacies and processes involved when operating within the Family Court. Proven experience within this specialist field has reduced the time in dealing with the other party and brought my initial Court proceedings to a swift conclusion. I am now being represented for the second time and hope to close the second proceedings before the end of the year.


How can the service offered by Manifold Solicitors be improved?

Cannot define any particular area for improvement at the current time.


Is your solicitor’s advice clear and easy to understand?



Would you recommend Manifold Solicitors?



Anything else you would like to add?

Nice to be represented by a lady.

Lyn Evans

My name is John McGowan, and I am a proud and happy father of an eight-year-old. A number of years ago I found myself going through what was one of the toughest periods of my life due to a separation and subsequent custody arranging.

I really had no idea where I stood, how to think about the situation, never mind how to proceed. And despite the help and best intentions from friends and family, they were not in a position to give me the solid advice I needed.

Bríd came highly recommended by a trusted friend who had gone through something similar to what I was going through. An appointment was arranged and I knew very soon that I was in the right place.

Bríds calm, the matter of fact manner, her knowledge, and most importantly her willingness to listen made me feel like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. She clearly explained my rights in law in relation to my situation and my options on how best to proceed. Any doubts or questions I had were dealt with in a timely and professional manner, whilst always preparing me for the harsh realities of the process.

Above all else, it was Bríds willingness to listen and her understanding/compassion, combined with her confidence in the field of family law that helped me most to see my way through what was a very tough and dark time for me. To help me see the bigger picture. I now knew where I stood, where I wanted to be, and how best to get there.

I can happily say I am more or less there now. But I believe it would not have been as easy or as successful without the counsel of Bríd and the help of her staff. And for that, I will be forever grateful.


John McGowan

Manifold Solicitors,

Odeon House, Eyre Square

Galway City