Resolution Mediation Training

Couples affected by relationship breakdown will welcome a significant recent new development in Family Law Services in Ireland. The members of the newly formed Family Lawyer Mediation Association are all family lawyer specialists who have been trained specifically as family mediators by Resolution, the UK Family Lawyers Association. This training has been recognised by the Mediators Institute of Ireland and was delivered in 2009 to a group of over 30 Irish Family Lawyers, including Brid Manifold

Members now offer a mediation service (working as neutral and impartial facilitors), which is uniquely informed by their extensive experience as family lawyers and their understanding of the legal process.

Family lawyer mediation includes the following:

Comprehensive and detailed documentation to ensure agreements address all possible issues which can arise in situations of family breakdown.

A thorough financial disclosure process.

A carefully structured process which offers legal information and provides for input by clients solicitors at appropriate junctures.

The process can be flexibly adapted to allow for input by other neutral experts such as child psychologists and accountants, as appropriate.

A cost efficient alternative to traditional family litigation.

The Association of Family Lawyer Mediators is confident that the addition of it’s service has significant potential to improve the prospects of more consiliatory resolution for a greater number of family law clients.

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