Family Law Solicitors

Are specialists in family law and mediation located in Galway. If you want to pursue a constructive resolution with your partner, we offer clients both family law and mediation services to help families come through a family breakdown with their dignity, their privacy and their finances conserved for their future benefit.

At this difficult time, you may be worried about the cost, both emotional and financial, for you and your family, of a contested family law case. There are significant benefits to be gained from carefully considering your options before choosing a process to constructively resolve differences.

1st Galway Solicitors to set up to practice exclusively in family law  – to offer a comprehensive family law service  which is not compromised by servicing any other area of law – because we believe very particular skillset, focus and system is necessary to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

Our Mission

Our clients are embarking on a most stressful and life-changing transition.  Never before have they been confronted with such fear – fear of not having a roof over their head, fear of running out of money, fear of being duped financially, fear of permanent damage to children, fear of losing the day to day relationship with their children.

We work with clients who want realistic reasonable solutions.

Our priority at all times is to protect clients from getting caught in an adversarial family law case that eats up precious financial resources and escalates tension and bad feeling

Our approach supports couples who are trying hard to make their separation work as co-parents and wish to minimise the damage to children and who want to move on as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

What our clients say about our service!

  • Timeliness and clarity of advice. Very professional and excellent overall service. Very very helpful in a stressful personal situation.

  • Always available to speak to (or returns calls promptly) explains procedures clearly, keeping on top of case and pushing it on, very understanding and shows empathy for my situation

  • I also want to thank you most sincerely for the professional way you handled my case and your outstanding performance in court. I…I thank you for the outcome and again the professional way you handled the other side – I am delighted you were recommended to me the outcome could have been much worse without your experience in family law.

  • Very satisfactory result – Well you were the first solicitor that got her to show even some of her bank records.

  • I am thrilled and Brid was amazing. God Bless You. I am delighted I stood my ground

  • Helped me decide how to proceed – in my own particular case decided not to proceed legally for now

  • Its clear and balanced

  • I have been really satisfied… Great positive results. Great knowledge and understanding of family law Ability to discuss and suggest realistic goals.

  • Very quick progress has been made – Very efficient and great and worthwhile advice while I went through the mediation process …I was always made to feel secure in the knowledge I was given the correct advice